Dr. Paul Enenche, the revered Nigerian gospel artist, unveiled a heartfelt composition titled “Love And Love And Love” on July 2, 2023, within his album “The Mantles are Falling, In His Presence Volume 9.” Occupying the seventh spot in the album’s lineup, this track encapsulates the essence of love in its purest form. With a duration of 5 minutes and 31 seconds, it serves as a melodic testament to the boundless love of the divine.

In “Love And Love And Love,” Dr. Paul Enenche’s emotive vocals and poignant lyrics intertwine seamlessly, creating a stirring ode to love’s transformative power. The imprint of ℗ 2023 Dr. Paul Enenche signifies not just a song but a spiritual offering, resonating deeply with audiences across Nigeria and beyond. As a luminary in the gospel music sphere, Dr. Paul Enenche continues to uplift souls with his soulful compositions, spreading messages of love, hope, and faith through his timeless melodies.


Love And Love And Love – Dr Paul Enenche

1.I want to love and love and love Lord like you do

For your capacity to love cannot run out

You’re never tired of caring for those you love

I am here to praise you for loving the way you do



Your love has made a world of difference in my life

I was that stone that was rejected by the world

But when you placed your living hands upon my life, you lifted me above the words and will of men


2. I want to love and love and love Lord like you do

For when you love someone you love them all the way

You give the best to all those that you love

I want to thank you for loving me like you do


You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeeee, You lifted meeeeeeee, You lifted me above the words and will of men

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