Dr. Paul Enenche, a revered Nigerian gospel artist, unveiled a divine masterpiece on July 2, 2023, within his album “The Mantles are Falling, In His Presence Volume 9.” Titled “You Alone Are God,” this track, nestled as the fifth gem in the album’s collection, exudes spiritual depth and profound reverence. With a duration of 6 minutes and 14 seconds, it transcends mere music, offering listeners a sacred journey into worship.

Enenche’s poignant lyrics, coupled with soul-stirring melodies, resound with the unwavering declaration of faith in the Almighty. The imprint of ℗ 2023 Dr. Paul Enenche signifies not just a song but a testament to devotion, echoing across Nigeria and beyond. “You Alone Are God” stands as a testament to Dr. Paul Enenche’s ability to craft melodies that uplift the spirit and draw believers closer to the divine.


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Lyrics You Alone Are God – Dr Paul Enenche

You alone are God

there is none like you.

you alone are God.

There is none besides you.

Xrus: You alone are worthy to be praised

so worthy to be praised

And I will give you praise (3x)

2. You have made the earth

for your Glory God.

You have made all things

for your pleasure Lord(2x)

3. You made me for you.

to show forth your praise

and I live my life

To show forth your praise

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