Elijah Oyelade’s “Spirit Pray,” part of his album “Songs of the Spirit” released on December 21, 2021, through Yeshua World Records, is a soul-stirring invocation of divine presence. Lasting 9 minutes and 37 seconds, this track, positioned as the fourteenth on the album, creates an atmosphere of spiritual reverence.

Oyelade’s heartfelt vocals and uplifting melody guide listeners into a profound encounter with the Holy Spirit, making “Spirit Pray” a poignant anthem of divine communion.

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Lyrics Spirit Pray – Elijah Oyelade

There is a cry in my heart

That my words cannot express

There is a yearning in my spirit

That i cannot complicate

Spirit hear the voice of my heart

Praaay to the father

Spirit pray

Pray to the father


Spirit pray(tongues)

Pray to the father

Hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm


Hear the voice of my spirit