The Place Of His Feet

Nigerian gospel artist Elijah Oyelade delivers a transcendent musical experience with his soul-stirring song, “THE PLACE OF HIS FEET.” Released on December 21, 2021, as the opening track of his album “Songs of the Spirit,” this composition is a testament to Oyelade’s musical prowess and spiritual depth.

At 6 minutes and 2 seconds in duration, “THE PLACE OF HIS FEET” envelops listeners in a celestial ambiance, guiding them on a journey of worship and reverence. With captivating melodies and poignant lyrics, Oyelade beckons audiences to dwell in the presence of the divine.

The song’s title serves as a focal point, emphasizing the significance of being in the sacred space where God’s feet tread. Through heartfelt verses and evocative instrumentation, Oyelade paints a vivid picture of spiritual intimacy and communion, inviting listeners to encounter the divine in a profound and transformative way.

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