Nigerian songstress Nathaniel Bassey’s album “The King Is Coming,” released on November 29, 2019, is a captivating musical journey with 13 soul-stirring tracks. Through her powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, Bassey delivers an hour and twenty-two minutes of pure emotion and spirituality.

Each song is a testament to her talent and devotion, leaving listeners inspired and uplifted. With this album, Abigail Bassey cements her place as a notable voice in contemporary gospel music, offering a profound experience for all who listen.

List Of Tracks In The Album 

Track Title Duration
1 Emmanuel (feat. Nwando Omosebi & IFIOK EZENWA) 7:46
2 All Power 4:43
3 There Is a Place 8:46
4 He Has Prevailed (feat. Ese Chekwa) 7:00
5 Holy (feat. Jumoke Oshoboke) 7:32
6 Jehovah Nissi 7:25
7 The King Is Coming 6:05
8 Carry Me (feat. Bemigho Omayuku & PAT AKEM-VINGIR) 6:23
9 Thank You Lord 5:12
10 I Will Dance (feat. Jumoke Oshoboke) 3:50
11 You Are Holy (feat. Mahalia Buchanan & Joe Mettle) 7:30
12 Psalm 91 (feat. OYINKAN KOKU-BAZUAYE) 2:53
13 Yeshua Hamashiach 7:44